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About The Testy Turnip

Some events and people seem to come out of nowhere with the sole purpose of spoiling your day. Now you can start and end your work week by laughing at those who would leave steaming turds in your personal Zen Garden.

About Jackson Holiday

Jackson Holiday is an easily agitated individual. He’s lactose intolerant, has an inexplicable hatred for free range raisins, and was nearly detained at the airport for feeling-up a TSA agent … allegedly. When not writing or complaining he can be found walking the streets of New Rochelle, NY singing, only slightly off key.

About The Books

They’re awesome.  Packed with nutrients and ah, magic.  Plus, writers are poor so pick up a copy or nine.

Praise  for Who Shit in My Zen Garden?  

“I loved this book! It was sarcastic, witty, and irreverent. Jackson Holiday has written about what most of us think and has the b*lls to put it out there in the public.” - Amy Castle  

“Unequivocally the funniest book that you are going to find anywhere. His side-splitting repartee of all that irks him is unparalleled.” - Rita M. Rosencrans 

“This is the funniest book I have read in a very long time. OMG, tears come to my eyes it is so freaking funny!” - MelRog 

“Nobody is safe in this Carlin-esque rant by Jackson Holiday … one of the funniest books of the year!” - Sunbury Press