The Proposal

25. ProposalI want to propose to my girlfriend without being cliché’.  Any ideas?

I know as much about romance as I do East Hungarian cabinet making, but if you want something out of the ordinary try looking ahead. A lot of guys propose on the site of their first date or make reference to a special moment shared. Nothing wrong with that, but marriage is all about the future.

Make a list of every crazy plan you’ve ever made together – vacations, homes, kids, career, etc. – and then design her a dreamscape.  If you’re technologically inclined you can create a YouTube style movie.  If you still rock the proverbial 8-Track player then opt for magazine cut outs and construction paper.  The medium doesn’t matter.  Just tell her the story of your life together and then ask her to life it with you. Chances are you’ll make a lot of edits together, but that’s part of the fun.

  • A Related Note: Proposals should be personal. Years ago budding writer was called to war shortly after meeting the girl of his dreams. They fell in love through letters and then shortly before his tour of duty was over, he took a page from Victor Hugo and sent her a note which read, “?”.  She, also a fan, responded with “!”.  With that as both proposal and acceptance, they married a week after his return.