Mirror Mirror

Bobby Slayton once said, “If you can’t laugh at yourself, make fun of other people.”  The pit bull of comedy knows what he’s talking about and for the most part, I’ve adopted the outlook.  Still sometimes you have to go all Adele on a mother farker and turn the tables.

While bouncing about Asia, a colleague from Malaysia hesitantly shared the sketch entitled “The World According to Americans.”  Of course being the dick I am, I faked outrage and requested a meeting with HR, the CIA, and the American embassy. After he properly shit his pants, I cracked a smile and received a well-deserved punch in the arm.

Frequent readers realize that I know less about global political policy than a kangaroo knows about kickball.  Still, even I can confess to recognizing a nugget of truth in the visual. Good show, you snarky Asia cartoon creator.

  • A Related Note: Now that I think of it, given the proper training, I bet a Kangaroo would be wicked amazing at kickball. International financial policy not so much, but kickball I can see.