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I’m a Darwin kind of guy. If someone manages to scam you, well, you likely deserve the ass-monkeying. The thing that annoys me about psychics is their outfits. I give you kudos for not providing any real service and for basically being balls-out up front with your lack of credentials. But seriously, can you put in a little effort in the wardrobe department?

I’m no casting agent, but swami hats, smokescreens and Bon Jovi bandanas don’t hit the mark anymore. If vampires can upgrade their image, then you can get off your ass and do the same. Even that little English spectacles-clad homo brought “wizardry” into the current century. You tool bags are supposed to have an all-access pass to the future, so do me a favor. Take a look at next Tuesday, realize you dress like a pirate at a gay pride parade, and make some changes.