Reality TV Participants

            For the last time, you’re not famous. There are a variety of explanations for your existence but I assure you, none of them has anything to do with a launching pad for your acting career. For example, it’s quite possible that you are:

  • Part of a larger government conspiracy to take people’s mind off the unsettling level of prosperity unrolling across much of Asia.
  • A wicked attempt to send actual literature into a tailspin of some Orwellian nightmare by making scripts obsolete. After all, who needs plot, pacing, and dialogue when you have barely dressed GED recipients recounting their tales of woe?
  • Just a Darwinian bone thrown to the masses so they would have someone to feel superior to.

In any case, I’m sure whatever cluster fuck of a “concept” they have you involved in will, at best, do for you what it did for Puck, the original reality tard: delay your inevitable incarceration.