Jury of My Peers

            Okay, on what planet does this makes sense? Unless you have a dozen dapper dudes with an understanding that some stupid people just need killing, I think I’ll get the shit end of the stick with this little social experiment. I’m no rocket scientist, but I can assure you that the jolly band of jacktards you’ve assembled hasn’t a clue about the criminal justice system.

Sure, commit the crime, do the time. I’ve seen the bumper sticker. I just don’t want to end up in the gallows ‘cause some liberally inclined Caravan cruiser blames this book for her son’s recent round of introspection. So he decided the world would be better off without sperm whales and took a correspondence course in harpoon marksmanship, subsequently spearing your housekeeper. You can’t blame that on me. Who knew the boy would follow through? Besides, chances are she was illegal, anyway. So shouldn’t I get a medal of some sort?