The Business of Hollywood

I’m usually the first to bash these liberal leaning nitwits. Granted this has more to due with pure jealously resulting from their lavish lifestyle, overall coolness, and propensity to bed ridiculously hot actresses than it does their perverse political outlook, but that’s a rant for another time.

Currently I’m concerned with America’s economic decline and the point those creepy conservatives correctly put forth – we simply don’t make anything anymore. It’s true. We’re now largely a service economy and in truth, bad haircuts aside, really don’t even provide much of that anymore.

Now I’m not crazy enough to believe that a single election will instantly ease our woes. Kennedy and Regan aside, leaders in recent times have proven to be as productive as a ball-less sperm donor. I am however certain that while they can’t perform miracles, they can certainly screw the proverbial pooch. Thus, keeping the current course a’la Obama will likely send our country careening to the rocks faster than Captain Francesco Schettino in a rudderless speedboat.

But this is not about our impotent Halfrican President or that Costa Cruise dick monkey. It’s about building and the reality of things as they stand. For all their jabbing at the left, Hollywood is the one point of production that is actually thriving. We might not make much anymore, but we create a boatload of movies and music. Sure, some titles would be best lost at sea (think Glitter, Mars Attacks or anything by LMFAO), but in those industries we lead the world in overall awesomeness.

So chill out Alex P. Keatons of the world. The Hollywood crowd might be a band of self-indulgent douches, but they’re making money in the export business, which is more than I can say for the rest of us.

  • A Related Note: This trade triumph doesn’t include the Chinese of course since those suckers just ruthlessly steal everything. The bastards.