Sign Flippers

           images You’ve seen these acrobatically inclined ass bandits hawking everything from model homes to coffee bar grand openings. How does your career go so far into the shitter that you not only take this job, but get so good at it that the boys down at Ringling Brothers conference in Barnum and Bailey to discuss offering you a position in the pop tent? Half of me wants to snatch your sign and smash it into the nearest staircase John Belushi style, but I’m actually in awe of your slick moves. Well done, sir. Your overwhelming loserness has spared you an ass-kicking.

  • A Related Note. Apparently they have a training wheel version for the less-coordinated sign flippers. I saw this one guy doing some nifty spin tricks. I was impressed until I noticed the handle on the rear side of the sign. Him, I beat up.